Now to Launch Entrepreneurs and staff

Now to Launch is an incubator for food-related business ideas. Our aim is to nurture the entrepreneurialism of people seeking asylum, refugees and new migrants, who face significant challenges in gaining employment and starting businesses, despite harbouring incredibly enterprising attitudes and skills.

Now to Launch provides the support, tools and resources necessary to cultivate those ideas and skills into products and offerings ready to launch on the market.

We bring together a network of people whose expertise propels our entrepreneurs’ professional development, while encouraging connectivity in the community.

People seeking asylum, refugees and new migrants must overcome social and cultural barriers before even considering the usual hurdles that the average citizen encounters while trying to find work or start a business. It’s our mission to unlock some doors and give a little hoist up onto the launch-pad. Our vision is that every entrepreneur who takes part in the Now to Launch program will have what it takes for their business to fly.

Now to Launch is administered with the backing of the Victorian State Government through a LaunchVic grant. Generous philanthropic contributions, public donations and the invaluable support and mentoring provided by our community make Now to Launch possible.